Like yeast.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour until all of it was leavened.” (Matthew 13:33)

Update 22/11/20: Our 10am Sunday Service will run in the building again from Sunday 6th December. Please join us in person! It will also be livestreamed through a link which will be provided on this page. The 29th November will be in the Zoom room as outlined below. Monday-Saturday Prayers will continue to be in the Zoom Room for the forseeable future.

St James' Old Cathedral usually meet in a heritage treasure: Melbourne's oldest building. 
But the heart of what we are is a group of people loving God and loving each other. In doing so, we hope to be like yeast, leavening our wider community with God's peace, love and joy.

After cancelling all public ministry events on site from Monday 16th March, we set up a virtual house of prayer at Zoom Room 597-917-6529. Think of this space like a virtual church building that is always open. Drop in to pray by yourself. Like our actual building, sometimes, when you drop in, you might find a minister there to meet you, or another parishioner praying. Sometimes a whole congregation will be praying.


And you will be welcome, and treated with love and respect, and invited to observe or participate in our prayers. To join us, go to, click "Join a Meeting", and enter meeting code: 597-917-6529. Or for a smoother experience, download the app first.

With no commute time, we have found ourselves able pray together more often than ever - three times a day - pleading with God to show mercy to our nation and world, and that early. By hosting regular short prayer times we hope to help people develop a habit of prayer, and structure it into the rhythm of their lives. All are welcome to join us whenever you can!

Please see our online meeting times on the contact bar on this page.


Ministry Staff

Canon Matt Williams (Vicar)

Rev. Jess Naylor-Tatterson
Rev. Mike Raiter
Ms. Bei-En Zou


On-Site Manager
Ms. Lisa Wardell


Building Location

Cnr King & Batman Sts
West Melbourne 3003

Community Location
Zoom Room 597-917-6529.


T 03 9329 0903


Online Service Times


10:00 am: Scripture & Prayer
10:30 am: Children's Chapel
11:00 am: Memorial Meal


Monday to Saturday:
8:30 am: Morning Prayer
5:30 pm: Evening Prayer
9:00 pm: Litany, Bedtime Prayer