Sundays at 10:00am

Worship at St James' is approached with a straightforward reverence for God. We use traditional Anglican services with creativity and flexibility, including singing hymns with our fine pipe organ and listening to beautiful music sung by our professional vocal ensemble, The Old Cathedral Voices. All services are easy to follow, with all you need supplied in one booklet.

Children join in our worship initially and then depart formally about 5-10 minutes after the service begins. They then experience the next parts of the service (confession, prayer, bible teaching) at an age-appropriate level using a Montessori-style education program, before returning to join us all gathering for Holy Communion as a church family.

A crying/feeding room is available at the rear of the church for those with babies.


Wednesdays at 12:30pm: "Real Food" (Last service 23rd December 2015, resumes February 2016).

"Real Food" is a half-hour service tailor-made for city workers, offering the bare essentials of Christian nourishment - the reading of scripture and participation in Holy Communion. Instead of a sermon, we 'preach' an extended text of scripture and frame this and the communion with a few simple prayers also taken from the bible. It offers a different experience and excellent complement to your Sunday worship, wherever that may be.


4th Sunday at 7:00pm: Anglican Men's Society Evensong

In a tradition stretching back over forty years, the Anglican Men's Society gather at the Old Cathedral for a monthly evensong service, sponsored each month by various churches from around the diocese. It is held at 7:00pm on the fourth Sunday of each month from February to November. All (men and women alike!) are welcome.