St James' Old Cathedral seeks to be:

1. A Centre for Godly Community

Everything we do starts with who we are: a community gathered by the Triune God through our Lord Jesus Christ to love, enjoy and worship him in thought, word and deed.

2. A Centre for Biblical Preaching

We want to be a place known for preaching the whole counsel of scripture in sermons which aim to explain and apply biblical texts with theological cogence, historical awareness and pastoral sensitivity.

3. A Centre for Loving Outreach

We want to share the love of God in Christ through personal connections with the wider community.

4. A Centre for Ministry Training

We want to develop the gifts of our own people and foster the health of the wider Anglican church by becoming a centre for training lay people for ministry and encouraging vocations to Anglican ordination.

5. A Centre for Historical Awareness

We seek to highlight and connect people with their histories:
a) the history of God’s dealings with his people;
b) the history of the church universal, its songs and prayers;
c) the history of Melbourne and the Anglican church within it; and
d) the histories of their families as they have intersected with us in past years.

6. A Centre for Liturgical Creativity

We want to be a place where traditional Anglican liturgical forms are refreshed and made accessible and attractive for a new generation.

7. A Centre for Musical Excellence

We seek to marshal the finest musical talents we can access to the purpose for which we believe they were given: to glorify the living God and inspire his people in worship.

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